Solidarity Actions

Solidarity is our strongest tool for building resilience to repression. Show your support for Sven by organising actions and submitting solidarity statements and photos from your support events to our website.

Need some inspiration? Here are some actions you could organise in your area:

  • Write to Sven
  • Get friends and comrades to write messages in a card for Sven
  • Submit a solidarity statement on behalf of your group, campaign or organisation
  • Protest outside UK embassies
  • Talk about the case, use support posters and hand out leaflets at protests, events, group meetings etc
  • Do a banner drop!
  • Organise, host or attend info and fundraising events

Campaigners from Sven’s support group have been busy organising info nights throughout Europe to speak about the case, repression in the UK and the importance of solidarity. If you’d like to host one of these events, please let us know.

Solidarity Statements

Read what people have to say about Sven’s case and send you own solidarity statement to be featured on our website.

Anarchist Black Cross Malmö

ABC Malmö fully supports Sve! The incredible achievements in challenging Huntingdon Life Sciences’ animal exploitation inspires people all around the world to keep resisting all forms of oppression.

Sven’s case is important not only to people in the animal liberation movement, but to all people involved in political movements fighting injustice. Increasing state repression directed at social movements is a process where the risk of normalisation is fairly high. Therefore it’s extremely important that we raise awareness of cases such as the one against Sven.

ABC Malmö wants to be part of an international awareness raising movement, that keeps pointing out all the nasty ways that the state is trying to break down the struggle for justice and freedom, not only for human animals but for all animals. None are free until all are free!

The level of repression used against Sven shows that popular resistance against animal oppressing institutions, companies and the state that assists them, is considered truly effective – and therefore potentially devastating for the capitalist system that is built upon exploitation of all forms of beings.

Let’s consider the repression a proof of our efficiency. Let’s turn repression into something strengthening rather than something weakening. When we stand together and practise solidarity, we’re always going to win. Solidarity is all we have – Let’s use it!

Solidarity, Respect and Love from Sweden.

Animal Justice Project

Animal Justice Project stands in solidarity with Sven and other activists criminalised for fighting to end the oppression of non-human animals and speciesism.

The repression of animal rights activists is a result of campaigns to increase public awareness, change cultural values, evoke discussion, and threaten corporate profits. It is a global travesty, and it affects all of us. When companies make money from the abuse of animals, it is in their vested interest to normalise the industries responsible, and silence those who protest.

Draconian laws such as Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) in the UK, so-called ‘Ag-Gag’ laws and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) in the United States, slanders of ‘terrorism’ and even ‘ecoterrorism’ in Spain and Austria, as well as the unjust imprisonment of those destroying or vandalising instruments of torture, rescuing animals, and documenting their plight, are acts of sheer desperation to hide the horrific truths about the skin trade, animal farming and vivisection.

We must never be afraid to act against the slavery of non-human animals and their institutionalised abuse. Our treatment of animals requires radical change within all of us.

Fighting repression has become a necessity in our movement. We must embrace it, stand strong besides those experiencing it, and reject attempts to demonise us in the media and public eye. Respect and best wishes to Sven.

Anti-Speciesist Women

As Anti-Speciesist Womxn we stand in solidarity with Sven. We are in full support of them and other criminalised activists. We stand firmly against the global prison industrial complex and we condemn the limitations on the emotional and physical freedom HLS/Envigo, the police and the states involved have imposed upon them. The criminalisation of people who work towards the end of torture on animals is a travesty of justice.

We are grateful for all you do, Sven. We really hope you know that everything you do is worthwhile. We wish you nothing but patience, happiness and a lot of strength. Our thoughts are with you every day. We are spreading the word about your case, and of course, about the victims you (and we all) are fighting for. We do so continuously in our everyday conversations, at meetings, protests and online and we will never cease to continue. Until all are free.

To be a victim of political repression is emotionally, physically and financially draining. More often than not it is either purposefully, or as a side-effect, very isolating even when not imprisoned. None of us can imagine the suffering victims of vivisection go through but, as humans, we can begin to envision the effects police/state violence have upon our comrades. We must never forget to stand in solidarity with each other.


ASKEKINTZA stands in solidarity with Sven, victim of the state oppression and criminalisation of the Animal Liberation movement. We truly believe that the ones fighting towards the end of the suffering of others are legitimated over any law written by the powerful. In this case Sven is accused of being involved in an incredibly effective campaign against HLS, that in addition to causing one of the most cruel experimentation companies huge financial loss, has inspired thousands of others on taking action and fighting. We can only be grateful for what you did and we send you our strength. Solidarity is our strongest weapon against all oppression and towards total liberation.

ASKEKINTZAk Sven  bihotzez elkartasuna adierazi eta eskeini nahi die, estatuaren opresioa eta Animalien Askapenaren mugimenduaren kriminalizazioa sufritzen ari baitira. Beste animalien sufrimenduarekin bukatzeko borrokan ari direnak lege guztien gainetik legitimatuak daudela uste dugu eta, kasu honetan are gehiago, bi aktibistak Europako esperimentazio enpresarik krudelenaren aurka aritzeaz akusatuak direlako, kanpaina mundial baketsu baten bidez. “Stop Huntington Life Science” izenpean kanpaina honek HLS enpresari milioika euroko galerak sortu zizkion eta, aldi berean, munduko osoko milaka aktibista inspiratuz, talde txiki bat, antolatuta badago, edozein gauza egiteko gai dela frogatu zuelako. Kanpainak gainera enpresa honen laborategietan gertatzen zirenak agerian utzi zituen, bertako praktika ikaragarriak, animaliei ematen zitzaien bizitza penagarria eta bertan egunero 500 animalia erailtzen zirela. Sven eskerrak eman eta gure indar guztia bidali nahi diegu. Askapen totalerako bidean eta opresio guztien aurka borrokatzeko dugun tresnarik indartsuena elkartasuna da.

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross

Bristol ABC stand in solidarity with Sven as another compassionate person that has experienced state violence for standing up for the 500 animals that are murdered in Huntingdon Life Sciences every day.

Sven is the latest in a line of people facing trial for their role in Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC). SHAC was a global campaign successfully bringing Europe’s largest contract animal testing company to its knees. It has faced significant repression with multiple raids, arrests, trials and imprisonment of its organisers.

Bristol ABC stand in solidarity with anyone harmed by the state past or future for fighting for animal liberation.

Bristol Animal Rights Collective

We stand in solidarity with Sven and all activists criminalised by the state for challenging the horrific abuse of animals in laboratories and elsewhere. Huntingdon Life Sciences is an example of how global capitalism seeks to protect its economic function by oppressing all those who dare oppose it. It has always been paramount for this laboratory not to allow what happens behind closed doors to be taken into public domain for proper debate. The government backed media is effective in its whitewashing of ethical questioning by ignoring or belittling public demonstrations and is willing to endorse the pretence of a free speaking society by paying lip service only to those who condone the abuse of other species. The animal industry is hugely profitable and profit overrides all other concerns and dehumanises us in the process. The atrocities against sentient beings in the laboratories are echoed outside, where millions suffer the effects of the drugs and chemicals put on the market. The world’s well being, in general, is continually being jeopardised by the pharmaceutical and chemical industries and the protectionist policies afforded them are a clear indication of their actual non concern. Since these massive conglomerates have such a tight grip on our economic system, it has become absolute mandate within governments to silence those that seek to expose them. Laws are passed that are ever more in line with total state control and as in the case of Sven, activists are seen as guilty simply by association.

While the Animal Liberation movement stands together against such laws, we are joining other movements for the right to challenge state repression in its many forms. All over the world, those that speak out against the devastation of the planet, cruelty, injustice and the destruction of the innocent are gagged in whatever way possible. Surveillance, covert policing, evidence planting, false accusation, tagging, bail conditions spun out over months and years, imprisonment, torture and murder are the tools of repression used against activists. Since dominion over other species, in all its cruel forms, is an intrinsic part of capitalist ideology,it is also crucial strategy for the powers that be to encourage the disengagement of the general public by nullifying any meaningful dissent. If we don’t challenge state law and control now, there is every reason to believe that animal rights activists in the future will face even heavier repression than they do today. Our strength is our support of each other, especially of those who find themselves face to face with the state machine. We believe it is important to continually raise awareness of proceedings against activists and why they are happening in order to encourage and sustain a free thinking, progressive society which ultimately encompasses the liberation of all species.

Free to Fight

Collective launching soon!

We’re a collective of activists who have personal experience of state repression and the struggle of coping with police harassment, prosecutions and imprisonment. Our experiences have informed and radicalised us against the harmful justice system and the use of criminalisation to silence those that organise against corporations and the state. We recognise that solidarity is the most important tool to build resilience against repression and empower individuals to face it. We support anyone who takes action against oppressive structures, whether through lawful or more radical tactics. We’re proud to stand with Sven and will do everything we can to support him.

Free to Fight has been working behind the scenes, assessing the effects of repression on the UK animal liberation movement and preparing to create a network of solidarity and resistance to begin healing from this and enable us to build better resilience for the future. We will be publicly launching the collective over the coming months, with more information available then. See you soon!

National Animal Rights Association

I’m writing on behalf of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) in Ireland, to say that we fully support Sven. We will do all we can to spread awareness about his case, and raise funds to help any legal costs he faces. For the animals, in solidarity.

Southend Animal Aid

Southend Animal Aid is dedicated to campaigning for animals and has supported many animal rights campaigns over the years, including Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. Animal testing is cruel and outdated and companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences continue to hold back scientific progress. HLS has been exposed for horrific acts of animal cruelty, including punching beagle puppies in the face and cutting open animals without anaesthetic. We support anyone who fights to end this abuse and will continue to campaign for animal liberation, in solidarity with Sven. They are courageous and inspiring people and we want them to know that they’re not alone.