Everything you need to know about installing Microsoft Exchange Server

Other / Monday, July 12th, 2021

Contrary to what most people think, it is not at all complicated to install a Microsoft Exchange Server. There are simply a number of important steps to follow to complete the operation. And before doing so, it is important to ensure that a mailbox is created for the user on the Microsoft Exchange Server. It is also worth checking that the installation of the Microsoft servers is done for the mail flow between the servers.

How do I now install Microsoft Exchange server?

The installation of the Microsoft Exchange server follows a procedure that consists, first of all, of connecting to Microsocial Outlook. To do this, it is sufficient to indicate the identification data of the configured user. If you want to know more, click here. Then press the "next" button in the welcome window. Then click on "yes" and "next" respectively and enter the name of the Microsoft Exchange server. Now enter the name of the user created in the mailbox and select "finish" and "OK" in turn. The next step requires respectfully clicking on "Tools", "Rules and Alerts" and "New Rule".

The next steps of the installation

The next step is to first select "start from a new rule", then "check messages when they arrive" and finally "next". At this point you will be presented with several options to choose from. For you, select the "Step 2" option under which "Specific words" appears to click. Enter DISPONIBILITY CHECK and press "Add", "OK" and "Next". In addition, choose "Make the server respond with a specific message", then select "a specific message". Enter the text "CHECK RECEIVED: MAILBOX AVAILABLE", close the editor, click "Yes", "Next", "Finish" and finally "OK". Note that if you want an effective result, you must follow the steps listed in this article to the letter. If you don't, you risk screwing up everything, and that may not be without serious consequences for your system. It will also be good to see an expert to help you to do it right.