How to make time-lapse videos ?

Other / Saturday, October 1st, 2022

The video editing based on several photos is conquering the hearts of many people. Whether they are experts or amateurs in the field of photography, they all want to make a time-lapse video. But before succeeding in such videos, it is necessary to fulfill some conditions and to respect a very precise methodology. You will learn more in the following lines.

Get the right equipment

A time-lapse video is a montage of a set of photos taken of the same thing. These photos have the particularity of being taken at regular intervals of time for a specific duration. You can go here to learn more. Such a type of video is made in order to bring out a phenomenon whose perception is a bit complicated. In order to succeed with these videos, in the first place, you need to have enough storage space. Indeed, these types of editing often need a large number of photos. It is advisable to have 32 GB available before starting a time-lapse session.

On the other hand, you should have a tripod before starting these sessions. Since several photos will be taken in the same position, it is impossible to take them by hand. It is then necessary to have a tripod to put the camera on that. Then, it is necessary that the camera has a good autonomy. Specialists recommend at least 5 hours of autonomy, because the sessions are often very long.

The steps of the creation of the video

The creation of a time-lapse video begins with the taking of photos. To take the photos, you must set the camera manually and disable the automatic mode. This will allow to have a match between the photos. That is to say that other photos are not clearer than others. Then, it is necessary to position the camera on the tripod in the right angle. After that, it will be necessary to define the frequency of taking photos. That is, the number of seconds that will elapse between two shots.

Once you have finished taking the photos, you need to use a good software to make the montage. There are free software that can do the job well only it is not very fast. However, there are programs that allow you to adjust the photos in groups and save time.