How to take care of your laptop battery?

Other / Monday, December 20th, 2021

The laptop battery is one of the most important parts of the PC. So maintaining it is the least you can do when you want it to serve you in the long run. Maintenance not only saves you from additional expenses, but also ensures that your laptop will keep charging quickly. However, how do you maintain it? That's what you'll find out through this article.

Monitor your laptop's load percentage

It is essential to monitor the load percentage of your PC. You can click on the official statement link for more information about laptop batteries. Waiting for your laptop battery to drain completely before recharging it will damage it. So, you need to keep an eye on it to recharge it as soon as it reaches about 30%. Also, many people tend to charge their device overnight. However, this is not recommended. Whether it's your laptop, smartphone or tablet, leaving it to charge overnight will damage it; the best thing to do is to let the battery charge up to 75 or 80% to complete the charge during the day. You can also subject your PC to a full load during the day, it is more appropriate.

Other laptop battery care tips

Using your laptop while it is charging contributes to the slowing down of your laptop battery charge. So make sure you don't use it while it is charging, so it will load faster. Also, remember to unplug your computer's power cable when it is turned off. By observing this rule, you avoid micro-charging your laptop. Note, that when you think of leaving your PC for a long time, you must keep its battery in a room temperature and a percentage of charge of at least 50%. All in all, the maintenance of your laptop's battery gives it a very long life. This is not to your disadvantage.