Indriver : A very efficient transport application

Other / Saturday, January 28th, 2023

Technological advances and the systematization of services have also had an impact on the transport sector. How ? Of course, through the development of web applications or for mobile devices, among which Indriver stands out. Here is an article that tells you all about it.

Indriver, what is it actually ?

It is an application that was born thanks to a circle of Russian students in 2012. It did not take long to develop on the European, Asian and American continents, being present in 31 countries and counting approximately 50 million users. However, is indriver a russian company ? You will have more details by consulting the site. Indeed, Indriver has a particular mode of operation : it is you who define the price of your trips. The app is available for Android and iOS mobile devices. Once you have installed it on your Smartphone, it is time to configure it and provide the information required to start using it. Today, Indriver has more than 400 employees and is present in more than 300 cities and 31 countries around the world. It achieved a space as one of the most recommended transportation services and even won Google Play’s « Essential Everyday App » award in Brazil in 2019.

Finding the perfect price

Once you have taken your first steps in this incredible application, the moment of truth arrives : to bid. To do this, you will use the Indriver tools to draw the route you need, indicating of course the starting point and the destination point, also indicating the price you are willing to pay. The Indriver community of drivers can accept your offer or make a counter-offer. Once someone takes your order, you will be told how long the driver will be there to pick you up. What about the method of payment ?

What is striking about this application is that in its configuration tools, it does not have a section for payment methods. The reason is very simple, the same Indriver platform stands out as one of its best qualities the fact that there are no intermediaries and their commissions are low. Therefore, to avoid the collection of bank commissions, they do not include the possibility of paying by debit or credit card .