No More Secrets About VisiTax

Other / Monday, June 13th, 2022

Organizing a trip is something that needs to be carefully prepared in order not to run into any unforeseen problems. One of the parameters is the budget you have to allocate to your trip. You will tend to give yourself an excess margin when you estimate your budget for your stay and this is quite normal. In this article, the subject of the VisiTax will be discussed at length. 

Who is this tax for ?

The Visitax is a tax that was created by the governments of the regions of Mexico in order to solve some of the problems of these regions. According to the law, this tax is applicable to foreigners (tourists, businessmen in transit) and children over the age of four. 

So if you decide to travel to certain parts of Mexico, you may have to pay this tax. You can visit the government website or ask your travel company for more information about this tax. 

Which destinations are affected by this tax ? 

Many regions of Mexico are affected by this tax. They are, among others : 

 - CancĂșn 

 - Puerto Morelos 

 - Holbox 

 - Isla Mujeres 

 - Riviera Maya 

 - Playa del Carmen 

How does the payment process work ? 

Before traveling or at your destination, you will be asked to fill out a form with your personal information: name, surname, age, e-mail address, etc. 

If you are traveling with your family, do not forget to include them in the form to avoid any inconvenience. Then, after filling out the form, you will be presented with a QR code. 

This is the code you will scan to pay the fees. Don't worry, the fees are not high. Plan on a certain amount of money and include it in your budget and you're done. Pay the VisiTax before you arrive at your destination so that you don't have to wait in long lines when you get off.