Reasons why France is world champion in tourism

Other / Thursday, November 24th, 2022

Transport, an offer of accommodation, quality catering, and its location in the heart of Europe make France a privileged place of stopover. With an influx of foreign tourists, France should again beat its world attendance record this year by approaching 85 million visitors. Excellent results which are due to the multiple assets of the country to attract tourists. Find out here why France is a tourism champion.

Diverse scenery and food

Beautiful cities, lakes, many ski resorts, overseas tropics, beautiful landscapes, few countries offer such a wealth of destinations with a strong regional identity. Get the facts, to learn more. And even if a majority of tourists come to France to visit Paris, the country has aroused their curiosity beyond the Ile-de-France region. Cities like Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Nantes, to name a few, have been able to enhance their heritage to attract foreigners. The centuries-old reputation of French food and its wines is undeniable. Great chefs like Ducasse or Robuchon export well and contribute to maintaining this excellent image of French cuisine.

Other reasons that make France a good place for tourism

The history of France and its writers are of world renown and desired by many tourists who want approach them closely. And they are not disappointed because France is full of castles, churches, museums, monuments, prehistoric sites. And this heritage is in very good condition, as many monuments have been restored and are enhanced by beautiful lighting and well-maintained green spaces. Natural areas have also been preserved in France because the coasts have not been too concreted. The country has many parks and ornithological sites. The French have a great know-how in terms of festivals and cultural events which is recognized throughout the world. Finally, amusement parks such as Puy du Fou, Disneyland Paris and Futuroscope are very popular with tourists.