The Xupermask: the smart mask that fights against Covid-19.

Other, Science/High-Tech / Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

With the medical situation surrounding the world. The challenge now is to fight against the virus by hook or by crook. Apart from the vaccine, some other society think about facing the disease by using other means, likely a smart mask. It is the case of the Xupermask. Let's discover the mask who are going to protect the whole world against Coronavirus.

Protecting your life with just a mask

As we used to see in science fiction, with humans facing pandemic and wearing a technological mask, it will no more be fiction. guessed a technological mask that could change the world's health situation and reality. Visite this web site, to learn more about the Xupermask.

The Xupermask just cost about 299 dollars but, and it is so effective to protect oneself against the coronavirus. It is an invention of the American rapper who just announced its release. The mask is created thanks to  a collaboration between the American rapper and N95 Honeywell. It is a comfortable mask that is made with silicon, and athletic mesh.

 An amazing technology

Using an effective mask that is able to stop the virus could be the best mean to fight the virus. With contamination rate increasing, we should use other means to