What are the best places to visit in Barcelona?

Other / Thursday, July 14th, 2022

Barcelona is described as a beautiful land suitable for family travel. This adjective is attributed to the fact that it is full of beautiful places to visit. This article will present the various places to visit that make Barcelona so beautiful.

Which city is Barcelona?

For a better knowledge of the best places to visit in Barcelona visit car-2rent blog. However, it is necessary to master the city of Barcelona through its location in the world and many other aspects. Catalonia has essentially four provinces, at the heart of which is Barcelona. With an area of 101.9 km2 and containing 1.62 million inhabitants according to data recorded in 2018, it is a large city. It is the capital and is known for its various attractive sites, giving everyone the opportunity to spend some quality time in places whose beauty cannot be described. It is bordered on both sides by Girona to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and finally by Tarragona and Lleida to the west. It has an admirable policy and an adequate economy. In addition to the best tourist attractions, it also has many specialities that make it special. Barcelona is a city whose visit has never been a waste for anyone.

What are its best sights?

The classification of the tourist sites that can be visited in Barcelona gives a large number of places. However, there are five (05) best ones. Five best places to visit in Barcelona for a good holiday or travel experience. The first and most attractive place in Barcelona is the magic fountain of Montjuïc located on Maria Cristina Avenue in Montjuïc. This fountain provides a spectacle of light and sparkling water that is pleasing to the eye. The second is all the beaches. In fact, the beaches are great places to visit because there are so many games available, and it goes without saying that they are very well maintained in Barcelona. The third place is the Gothic Quarter. It is a neighbourhood with everything you need. There are entertainment venues and very nice restaurants. The penultimate site is the Sagrada Familia. It's a beautiful place founded on a beautiful story. And finally the Ciutadella park which is located in the heart of Barcelona is very attractive.