What should I know about a VolP phone system?

Other / Friday, December 3rd, 2021

What is a VolP phone system? To better understand the essence of this term that you have heard a number of times, we invite you to finish reading this article.

What is VolP ?

VolP is one of the fruits of aircall, which specializes in designing telephony solutions. VolP simply means voice over IP. It can also be called IP telephony or Internet telephony. In reality, it is a technological system that goes against the classic ISDN variant. Instead, VolP uses IP connections to access the broadband. This method is not without its advantages. It opens the way to voice communication via the Internet. 
You will notice that the abbreviation for "Internet Protocol" is IP. It must be said that the basis of the network protocol connections is realized via the Internet. This means that all devices that can access the Internet have their own IP addresses. Thus, through these IP addresses, data can be transferred and received between the end devices.

How does VolP work ? 

Voice over IP is a technology by which you have the possibility to make phone calls over the internet. Indeed, the VolP does not use the traditional telephone network.  It allows you to make several savings on phone calls, and at the same time enjoy a host of features. These include video conferencing and instant messaging. 
With VolP, phones connect to broadband through a DSL router or rather a VolP-enabled cable modem. This process can be broken down into three steps: the voice conversion step, the data transmission step and the data decryption step. To establish the connection, we need SIP, the session opening protocol.
It allows to manage the communication connections between two or more participants.  Thus, each user must have a personal SIP address. The structure of this address is identical to that of an e-mail address. When you have it, you can be identified online and make phone calls without complication from any SIP compatible device.