Why is it important to have DDOS protection in place?

Other / Monday, January 16th, 2023

Have you heard of distributed denial of service attacks? If so, you should know that there is special protection against them. In fact, DDOS protection is important for all companies. But why is it important? The answer is contained in the following lines. Read them carefully, to understand why to install DDOS protection.

The reasons to install DDOS protection

Distributed denial of service attacks are more frequent nowadays especially with the multiplicity of online services. Despite this, some teleworkers and companies are still hesitant to opt for DDOS Protection. Indeed, not having such protection has several consequences. In fact, without DDOS protection, companies that are victims of an attack suffer serious financial repercussions. Such an attack can cause the partial or total shutdown of their activities. It can also result in a high cost for companies. The image of companies that are victims of a DDOS attack is often damaged. On the other hand, companies are even forced to pay a ransom to stop the attack. All this makes it essential for companies and teleworkers to install DDOS protection.

How does DDOS protection work?

Knowing the importance of installing DDOS protection, we must now ask how it works. In this regard, you should know that such a system is capable of protecting your website, application and network from any such attack. In fact, the anti-DDOS protection has two main missions. Its first mission is to analyse in real time the content of the data packets that transit on your IP network. Its second mission is to divert all illegitimate elements of incoming traffic in the event of a DDOS attack. The second role of DDOS protection is to allow only legitimate traffic to pass through your network. In addition, it usually involves a combination of system components and software. This is to ensure quality inspection and isolation.